Emmission free, autonomous, energy efficient INDIVIDUAL mobility     

Vehicles with our DARRT (Dynamic Autonomous Road Rail Technology) can travel individually, emission free, highly energy efficient and autonmously on both road and rail from Point2Point forming Dynamic Virtual Trains (commonly known as platooning). 

Existing vehicles can use the system by simply driving onto a autonomous vehicle carrier. 


Emmissionfreie und autonome MobiIität 

Fahrzeuge mit unserer DARRT (Dynamische Autonome Road Rail Technologie) fahren individual, emmissionsfrei, hocheffizient und autonom von Punkt2Punkt auf sowohl Straßen wie auch Schienen und bilden dabei Dynamische Virtuelle Züge (~Platooning) 

Existierende Fahrzeuge können das System jederzeit benutzen indem sie überall und jederzeit auf einen autonomen Fahrzeug Carrier fahren. 



Example of a car carrier

Point to Point - by Zero Emmission Intermodal Taxi


PRT - Personal Rapid Transit - individual instead of mass transit - useful in low demand areas

ART & HDRT - can carry existing vehicles individually

Intermodal Vehicle travelling by road and rail

Intermodal electric trailer carrying Container

Intermodal Buses forming a Linked Dynamic Train 

Dynamic Station - Independent Train Modules can pick up passengers at small stations and join up on the rail, allowing passengers to interchange whilst travelling.