Transportation - the challenge

  • Global transportation causes 30% of the CO2 emitted by humans. 1/2 of this is caused by fossil fuel powered cars, trucks and buses.
  • Fossil fuel emissions cause mayor health issues.  
  • Metropolitan Areas and Highways are overcrowded. There is no space in metropolitan areas to build new road or rail Infrastructure and if it then takes years.   
  • Battery powered electric vehicles have mayor shortcomings (weight, range, raw material availability)
  • Autonomous vehicles have mayor safety challenges

The Solution 

By combining the advantages of road travel - individual vehicles, Point2Point travel - with the advantages of rail travel – energy efficient virtual trains (platoons), guidance through rails, electric power from the rails – the result offers an unparalleled mobility with following advantages

  • 10x times the capacity on existing roads, 20x times the capacity on existing rails
  • No range limitation for electric vehicles
  • No additional weight for batteries
  • High safety due to rail guidance
  • Integration of existing vehicles using car carriers
  • Low cost modification of existing roads with Mobile Track layer
  • No modification of existing rail system
  • Autonomous travel with existing vehicles