Railway Institutes and Universities worldwide are researching railway infrastructures with new switch technology that allow for vehicle based switching.  

Intermodal Systems has developed the DTS technology consisting of 

  • an onboard switching system that enables DTS vehicles to safely cross existing switches and choose their direction of travel irrespective of the current state of the switch and without interacting with the switch
  • a system which keeps the traffic flow safe at all times, thus eliminating human error
  • an onboard train module that enables individual DTS vehicles to dynamically form safe virtual trains
  • an Online server system that interfaces with existing railway management systems (ETCS) and other DTS users to display unused capacities in realtime
  • DTS track wheels that allows intermodal vehicles to pick up passengers or goods via road (without tramway rails) , then continue on railway tracks

Additionally DTS Tracks can be inlaid into existing roads to provide virtual train benefits to road based DTS trucks and buses.


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